Step 8

Step Eight: Accessorize

Unless your business is local and does not rely on the Internet for bringing in clients, then you very likely need more (much more) than a page or two to attract the best clients. Just as you never see a super model wearing a sleek black dress without shoes or earrings or a fashionable clutch, you’ll never find a well planned website that isn’t sporting at least a few matching accessories.

For your website, those accessories might include:

  • A YouTube channel
  • A podcast
  • A blog
  • Free webinars

Of course, you don’t have to include them all. Which ones you choose will depend on your preferences, your goals, and (most importantly) the needs of your audience.

If you love to write and your market enjoys keeping up with blogs, then a blog is an important accessory for your website. If you hate to write and know you won’t be consistent with your blogging, then a YouTube channel or a podcast is probably a better choice for you.

Another thing to keep in mind is the format of your products and programs. If they are video-based, then using video to accessorize your site is a natural fit. After all, if your clients prefer to learn via video—which they do if they’re buying your video-based programs—then they’ll obviously like to see other video content as well.

Here’s the bottom line when it comes to creating a client-attracting website: keep your goals in line with what your ideal client wants and needs from you, and you absolutely cannot fail. When you get this right, you’ll naturally attract the right audience, appeal to your ideal client, and be seen as the go-to source for your unique market.


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