Step 5

Step Five: Attracting the Right Traffic

Building a website is only the beginning. Attracting the right traffic to your newly built site is the key to growing your list and making sales. After all, you might have thousands of visitors each month, but if your ideal client is a single woman in her 50s and all your traffic is men in their 20s, you’re not going to sell anything.

Bringing the right traffic in depends on many things:

  • Using the correct language (do you sound like a friend and confidant or more like an out-of-touch college professor?)
  • Getting found in the search results (are you targeting the keywords your audience uses?)
  • Creating the content your audience wants and needs (are you offering only blog posts while your audience is listening to podcasts?)

Get the right balance of these elements, and you’ll find that your website traffic is ideally suited for your products and programs, that they happily take advantage of your offers, and that your business grows naturally along a path you love.

How can you know you’re using the right language and creating products that will resonate with your market? You ask them.

The number one easiest way to find out is to create a customer survey. You can set up a simple survey using Google Forms or Survey Maker Pro (, and then share the link via your email list (add it to your autoresponder to keep the flow of information going) and social media.

Be sure to ask a variety of open-ended and multiple choice questions, but keep the survey short as well. You can’t expect anyone to spend more than a few minutes answering questions.

Some questions you might want to consider include:

  • Demographic questions such as age, income level, education level
  • “Biggest issue” questions (this will tell you exactly what programs you need to create)
  • Business or life level questions—where are they in their journey?
  • Cost questions—how much are they willing/able to pay for a solution

As you browse the answers, pay close attention to the words and phrases your audience uses (these will give you insight into search terms to target), the problems they face (so you can create products to solve them), and the level they are at in business. This is your market, and if your website clearly speaks their language and solves their problems, you’ll never again have to worry about attracting the right traffic—it will happen quite naturally all on its own.