Step 1

Step One: Define Your Primary Website Goal

Your website has a lot of jobs to do. You want it to:

Attract new traffic

Grow your mailing list

Educate and inform your market

Sell your products and programs

Show off your expertise

Provide personal information for potential partners and the press

But there can be only one main goal. This is the primary task you want your website to perform, and it will determine the traffic flow to and from every page on your site.

For most entrepreneurs, the primary goal is to get clients. That might mean you want people to sign up for your mailing list (if you have a rock-solid funnel that’s performing well), book a discovery session (if you are a proven “closer”), or purchase a product (if your sales pages rock and you have a good selection of programs to choose from).

Your primary website goal will be the first thing you want people to see and do on your site. For example, if your goal is to build your list, an eye-catching opt-in form with a killer offer should be at the top of every page.

Want to make sales? Be sure your site visitors know immediately that you have something to sell (you’d be shocked how many people miss this simple piece of the puzzle) with both attention-grabbing graphics and clear calls to action.

And if booking discovery calls is your goal, then clearly you want that option to be front and center on your website—or at least super easy to find.