If you’re a coach, consultant or solopreneur who’s struggling to value your own expertise and charge what you’re worth… you need to see this.

Want to Make a Bigger Income, Working with Fewer Clients? It’s Time to Get Paid What You’re Worth!

If you want to learn how to increase your confidence and perceived value as a coach, so you can finally charge the prices you truly want, allow me to show you the way…

Calling all hard-working coaches, consultants & creative service providers…

I see you. You’ve got the certifications. You’ve got the clients (and sometimes, even have a few on wait lists). You’ve even got a few shining testimonials that say you’re worth your salt.

Yep: You ARE a successful coach. (In fact, I’d even go as far as to say you’re one of those people who can’t NOT coach–you “just know” you’re meant to do this work.)

Or at least you feel like you’re successful…

…Until you innocently flick through Instagram and see a plethora of celebrity coaches with thousands of glowing testimonials splattered all over their websites.


Celebrity coaches who are charging thousands just for a one-off session, mind you. (And let’s not even talk about their 6-month or year-long packages!) And all of a sudden? Your $297/session fee doesn’t feel so “successful” after all. Any of this ring a bell?

I’m sure it does. And here’s the thing: Everybody talks about “charging what you’re worth,” but how many well-meaning coaches & consultants like you are actually doing it?

My guess? Not many.

(Sure, maybe you’ve tried to sell your sessions or packages at higher rates, but when three minutes went by without a booking, you quietly removed them from your website hoping no one would notice.)

But here’s the deal: Online coaching has really taken off in recent years. And with that, prices have also taken off–which means there are a lot of coaches charging higher prices…and people paying them, too.

But if you’re still here and still reading, you’re probably NOT one of those coaches charging–or booking–clients at higher rates.

Maybe it’s your mindset or fears around whether you’re actually “a good enough coach” that’s holding you back from charging what you’re worth.

Maybe you don’t feel like your branding, marketing or presentation is “professional” or “glossy” enough to play in the big leagues.

Maybe it’s even your appearance that’s got you all twisted up.

If you can relate to any of those scenarios (or even all three), don’t fret, friend. I’ve seen so many quality coaches undervalue their services and charge petty prices for far longer than they should. That’s why it’s so hard (but also necessary) for me to say this:

Being An Awesome Coach Doesn’t Automatically Mean

You’ll Get Paid Like One

The kinda harsh truth? 

You’re in charge here (no pun intended). And if you don’t make the necessary changes – whether that’s raising your rates, raising your confidence or revving up the results you get for clients you might never hit your income goals or get to “celebrity coach” status, if that’s what you crave.

The good news? As “the boss,” you can literally change your rates anytime you want. All you have to do is snap your fingers (and login to your WordPress admin) and bam. New prices and an instant raise!

The bad news? You have to actually have the confidence to do it – and stick with it. (And let’s just say getting yourself to hit that Publish button on higher prices is far easier said than done!)

Still, I also need you to understand that this whole “charge what you’re worth” thing isn’t a bunch of hocus pocus. There are hundreds of coaches out there making the big bucks and getting their clients even bigger results. It’s not a fairy tale, and it can happen for you, too!

Because the thing is, getting paid what you’re worth isn’t really so much about the prices you see on a website. It’s actually just about a simple value exchange. And if you and your clients both think you’re “worth it,” you’ll have no problem signing clients with total confidence.

And here’s the even better news:

You CAN Overcome the Roadblocks

That Stop You From Setting Higher Rates!

No matter what’s holding you back from charging well for your work right now…

Whether it’s your mindset…

Your marketing…

Or your own misconstrued ideas about what you need to look, be or act like in order to “get visible” and build your authority (and therefore, your ability to set higher rates)…

…I can wholeheartedly promise that once you develop the confidence, clarity & skills you need to see yourself as a valuable coach–and present yourself that way to potential clients–it’s 100% possible to get paid very well.

But just in case you need a little help getting there…

I’ve created something special guaranteed to help you increase your value as a coach in your mind and your prospects’ minds–and finally gain the confidence to book clients at higher rates.


Getting Paid What You're Worth

During this 4-lesson course, I’m going to reveal the exact steps you need to take to feel confident charging prices that won’t put you in the poorhouse – and get your clients even better results – including…
Sound good? Here’s exactly what’s in store for you in this self-paced course…

Lesson 1: Review Your Client Results

Good coaches can make very good money. But do you know how to measure how “good” your coaching actually is? If not, I’ve got your back. (And if you do, I’ve got some creative ideas for you, too!) In Lesson 1, we’re going to dig into exactly how to use past client results to increase client attraction, confidence and your rates, including…

Lesson 2: Assess and Improve Your Skills and Expertise

No matter how impressive your client results are, there’s always room for improvement. What skills can you improve that will help your clients get even better results? How can you gain more valuable expertise? Lesson 2 will help you create a growth plan for your own self-transformation as a coach, so you can continually set a positive example for your clients and feel confident in your higher rates.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Lesson 3: Do the Mindset Work

We all have mindset traps–even coaches! Lesson 3 is all about doing some inner “house-cleaning” and finding, identifying & transforming the thoughts that are holding you back. You’ll learn new techniques for “coaching” yourself, so you can finally set yourself free from fears that are holding you back from charging what you’re worth–and as an added bonus, you can use these on your clients, too!

Here’s what we’ll cover…

Lesson 4: Up Your Marketing Game

Charging what you’re worth has several layers, and one of them has to do with simply showing up and allowing yourself to be seen. Lesson 4 will teach you how to put yourself out there with less fear and use your increased visibility to increase client attraction + confidence…and your rates! (Of course.)

In lesson 4, we’ll cover…

Download Getting Paid What You’re Worth for Only $127 $67!

Up-level Your Coaching Skills & Confidence–and Watch Your Income (and Life) Change Forever!

I completely understand feeling fear around charging higher prices. But what I also know is that life on the other side is so worth it.

Seriously. Just imagine if you could…

Sounds kinda like a dream made manifest, right? And the best part: It’s all available to you right now, if you want it. It’s literally just one click away!

Now, I can’t promise you’ll get over major, deep-seated fears with the snap of your fingers (or click of a button). But I can absolutely promise that this course will provide you with the much-needed (and not-often-talked-about) tools & techniques to help you amp up confidence in your coaching, boost your client results & help you easily charge higher prices that finally match your worth.

So, you tell me: Does that sound “worth it” to you?



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