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Date: 10/12/21

Dear Keith,

I’m excited for the opportunity to help you make your marketing lead generation and membership goals for a reality.

Our mutual goal is simple: create an excellent and brand representative sales funnel that gets you more leads, more members, and more sales of your courses without you having to be there all the time.

We are confident that we can help you do just that. The following proposal outlines the approach we recommend.

  1. A great, free offer

This first step is key to making your entire funnel work. You want someone to give their name and email address. This is where it all starts. You can use a book, a free report, an audio, or a series of videos, and we will decide that when we start working together. Either way, you can bet that we’re going to have a great offer that people are going to be excited about when they come to your website.

  1. A lead page

How you set up your lead page, what you put on your lead page, what words are on your lead page, and more importantly, what words aren’t can make a gigantic difference in your business. This can mean the difference doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling your results at the end. We will create a great lead page that will be tested and proven to work over and over and over again.

  1. Email follow-up

Once you get someone’s name and email, then the real work begins. That’s when your email system will create a relationship, follow-up, inform, give them great content, and then make them an offer that they can’t refuse. We will use our MedCRM software to manage these communications.

  1. Product or offer

This is where the money starts to come in. Together, we will create a great offer that moves people to action, and we will create a sales funnel that is consistent, repeatable, and does not require you to be there all the time.

  1. Sales mechanism

This can be a video sales letter, an audio sales letter, a webcast, a written sales letter, or even an infographic to demonstrate of your services and the value it has for your members. Whatever we decide to do, we will be using industry leading software to help create, test, track, and prove an offer that you can use over and over and over again.

  1. Membership site at 

We will reintroduce the AIHCD brand to your past members who are no longer active, and work to generate new members as well.

As we discussed, we’ll start with a series of mailings to those members who are due for renewal.

As a part of our overall strategy, we will work with you to create additional content on the membership site. It can create connections between you and your members. It can give members a place to communicate and ask questions of you as well as other members. We will enhance and maintain your membership site so that it flat out works and encourages your members to enroll in your courses while also engaging with them to renew their membership at the appropriate time. As we discussed, much of this content can be generated by repurposing existing material.

To facilitate engagement, we will install a copy of our MedCRM software on the site. This will be installed at no additional charge. (normally a $1,524 option to our MedLMS, billed annually.) The CRM is yours to use as long as this agreement remains in effect. (It can be, of course, be purchased separately if this agreement concludes.)

We will also install a copy of our new forum software for membership sites, MedCOMMUNITY, releasing November 1st. (When launched, this will be a $1,884 option, to MedLMS, billed annually.) Again, the forum software is yours to use as long as this agreement remains in effect. (It can, of course, be purchased separately if this agreement concludes.) This software does just what the name implies. It creates a place where members (and you) can engage with other members and share information and insights in a true community environment, without having to leave the site for a third-party solution, like Facebook pages. Because Facebook pages are not under your direct control you would be subject to the whims of Facebook.

  1. Traffic source

You can have a great free offer, superb email system, and a great sales page. None of this works without traffic on the front end. We will work together to come up with a traffic strategy that works for you. We have discussed a Facebook advertising campaign with no more than a $5/day ad spend initially (to be funded separately by client), until the campaign is tweaked and returning a reasonable ROI. Once we have the campaign dialed in and generating revenue, we’ll scale the campaign utilizing funds generated by the campaign.

  1. V.I.P. Status at Create Your Authority.

You will also receive access to my V.I.P. membership site at Create Your Authority, which is reserved for my Strategic Advising clients, for as long as this agreement remains in effect. You will have your own private portal and access to the full library of courses available through the Create Your Authority Academy. We’ll begin with my course on Anchor Podcasting, as we discussed that was an area you are interested in pursuing. New courses are added monthly.

  1. Scheduling

When possible, and your schedule permits, you and I will have a MS Team session weekly to discuss our strategies and provide progress reports on the items we’re working on for you. In between those calls, I am of course available as always for short 15 minute “I have a question/idea conversations” and there will be email generated as well, in between our conversations.

  1. A team

Finally, you’ll have the assurance that you have a leading digital marketing team behind you tracking, testing, tweaking, and making your offers work.

This program represents a strong focus of your marketing dollars into what really works: a digital marketing funnel. By the time we’re done, you’ll have a funnel that has been tested, tracked, tweaked, and is working to bring you new members and new dollars from sales of your courses.

If you have questions, I can discuss them with you at your convenience.

In our last conversation, we agreed upon pricing for these services which will be invoiced and auto-billed at $1,000/month until cancelled. Invoices will be generated by and payable to Association Support Services, LLC

We are ready to get started!



Jim Lewis

Founder and CEO

Association Support Services, LLC